metaverse developers

purchase or lease virtual land, build and develop virtual spaces, do business in the metaverse

physical NFTs

verify authenticity, exhibit virtually, and connect real world objects with data and digital experiences

phygital design

create products and services that combine physical and digital, features and benefits


our brand develops virtual land in metaverse platforms like decentraland, sandbox, voxels and others, we also create virtual spaces, virtual galleries and virtual exhibitions to display and sell physical and digital, goods and services

physical NFTs

our patent pending tags for real world objects connect them with data and digital experiences, certifying authenticity and representing them virtually

phygital design

creating products and services that combine both physical and digital components enables community, promotes connection and enhances experiences

whether it’s representing the physical digitally, bringing people together virtually or providing goods and services universally, we are here to make it a reality 

patents pending
forward thinking

With multiple patents pending for physical NFTs, connecting the NFC tag to a blockchain NFT cryptographically, our physical NFT tags have four different levels of verification and authentication.

We pride ourselves on not just keeping current with technology, but trying to stay ahead of the curve to help our clients make wise decisions about what’s coming next.


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